Pocophone F1: incoming battery and touch fixes in addition to night mode, slowmo 960fps and 4K 960fps

A 6 months from the release of the Pocophone F1 many users were super happy for having the chance to buy a device with specifications from top of the range at really low prices, but as many have remained dry because this device has reported problems: abnormal drain of the battery (solvable however through a nice wipe of the chache), supersensitivity of the touch display e swipe problems especially when users used to play PUBG. Today however the General Manager of POCO India, Manmohan Chandolu, announced that in a updating which will be launched in two weeks there will be on the fix battery and touch in addition to night mode, slowmo 960fps and 4K 960fps. Recall that the night mode for the Pocophone F1 it was only available through the dedicated porting of GCam 6. In addition to this the team is at work regarding the certificate Widevine L1.

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POCO F1: battery and touch fix on arrival as well as night mode, XMUMXfps slowmo and 960K 4fps

With two tweets today, the General Manager of POCO India has raised the morale of sub-brand users Xiaomi that they were about to lose hope.

In this first part of the tweet the GM announced that within two weeks it will be for all users of the STABLE un update that will bring the XMUMXfps slowmotion mode e night mode on the F1 Pocophone. In addition to these changes, the company is committed to settling the problems that afflicted the device concerning the battery and the touch: many users in fact complained about one excessive battery drain on the device and one hypersensitivity of the touch display. In addition, other players of PUBG they complained a sort of bug in the swipe, which led them to look really bad during the games.

This instead the second part of the tweet:

So coming in February also a update that will bring the registration in 4K to 960fps on the F1 Pocophone. Icing on the cake: he also announced that the team is working for bring Widevine L1 certification support, so as to guarantee to all users a truly complete experience as it will be possible see videos in HD. Really not bad then, for this young company that once again shows interest in users and their user experience.

Did you think it was over? Absolutely not! Because by continuing in the comments, a shrewd tweeter asked what the point was "status bar notifications" situation. As we know, this problem was solved through third-party apps but it seems that soon will come (as it was for the Mi8) an update that will solve this small but annoying inconvenience.

POCO F1: fix

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