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PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR: missing poco!

Presented at MWC2024 in Barcelona together with HONOR Magic6 Pro, the new PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR is preparing to arrive in Europe!

When HONOR created his new smartphone HONOR Magic V2, the main desire was to bring to the public proof of the company's forward-thinking approach to premium technology, a synthesis of dynamic software enclosed in a high-end design, which expresses the power and attention to detail even in the aesthetic elements .

In collaboration with Porsche Design, the new PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR It takes Honor's class-leading thin and foldable screen technology and gives it an even more sophisticated look, inspired by Porsche's acclaimed sports cars.

PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR it stops being a smartphone and that's it but turns into an object to look at, admire and show! A true design object!

Carsten Monnerjan, head of design at Porsche Lifestyle Group, says: “We are always looking for partners who integrate seamlessly with mutual customers"


Dal canto suo, Yuan, Honor's chief designer, declares “I believe that Honor and Porsche Design share the same vision of offering a range of innovative, high-end products that set benchmarks in the industry. We couldn't find a better partner than Porsche Design: we're both not afraid to challenge the rules to blaze our own trail towards new and exciting products."

The journey of Honor towards the premium end of the smartphone market was rapid. Weighing just 234g and being 9,9mm thick when folded, the PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR pushes the limits of innovation for foldable devices. The device leverages sports car DNA, with a uniquely shaped camera lens housing that references Porsche's visual language: “We are trying to emphasize key features through the DNA of our design language. We do this through the sensation you get when you touch the phone and feel the shapes and textures” declares Monnerjan.

The technical innovations contained in this smartphone are impressive, from the advanced design of the frame that makes the folded device so thin, to the new scratch-resistant NanoCrystal Shield to protect the screen. “Of course, there are some elements that a phone must have, such as cameras”, he claims Monnerjan. "It's the same thing that happens with car design: a designer receives a package determined by the engineers, so it has to be a collaboration between the two disciplines."

HONOR reaffirms its dedication to the European market, with the Magic V2 demonstrating the brand's commitment to meeting the needs of European users.

The very modern PORSCHE DESIGN HONOR Magic V2 RSR will be available on the site twigs 18 March 2024.

Lorenzo Gualdoni
Lorenzo Gualdoni

IT technician, sports and fitness enthusiast, assembling PCs is one of my passions without neglecting the mobile sector, of which I follow Honor in particular


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