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Change of policy for Redmi? Fewer smartphones for the future

The echo of the rumors regarding the imminent launch of the Redmi K80 from Xiaomi resonates strongly in the Chinese technology market. This new device, heir to the K70 series, seems to herald an important change of strategy for the giant. The reason is easy to say: it seems that this series will see one less model, specifically the K80E. Here are the details.

The future of Xiaomi: the Redmi K80 series could mark a turning point

The advances on the Redmi K80, spread by Chinese social media, have turned the spotlight on Xiaomi and its future plans. According to these sources, work on the series Redmi K80 is progressing at a fast pace, suggesting that its debut in the Chinese market is closer than one might think. This new model represents the natural evolution of the K70 series, bringing with it not only technological updates but also an updated business strategy.

redmi k70 ultra POCO F6 Pro

Xiaomi, traditionally known for its large catalog of devices ranging from low to high ranges, seems to be moving towards a clear preference for flagship models. The decision to exclude the "E" model, traditionally more accessible, from the K80 series is emblematic of this new direction. In fact, the Redmi K80E may not see the light as part of this series, but it could be reinstated in another product family, perhaps under the Note series label, like a hypothetical Redmi Note 14E.

This strategic move raises questions about the future of rebrands within the Xiaomi ecosystem. Until now, the company has followed a policy of extensive reuse of its hardware platforms across different brands and series, an approach that has allowed it to maximize production efficiency but which has also generated some confusion among consumers.

We'll see what users will expect in the near future. But one thing is for sure: fewer devices could mean a price greater. Why? Because the market is "less covered".

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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