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Xiaomi home processors: Will you be goodbye with Qualcomm?

Unconfirmed items, they say that Xiaomian, the third smartphone maker in the world, it would be preparing to make its own processors for smartphones. To affirm it is the Chinese head Mydrivers, thus reinforcing a corridor voice that was already being circulated a few weeks ago. Second Mydrive the company, which defines itself "Apple of Asia" it would be thinking about building processors only for low and mid-range models.




Xiaomian, uses processors Qualcomm, at a high price for a company that targets an economic product, where every penny spared is a good thing. For this reason Xiaomi is trying to reduce expenses by experimenting with its own solution in collaboration with Leadcore, producer of SoC Chinese made famous thanks to Redmi 2A. The chance would probably be disastrous for Qualcomm, which would risk losing orders for millions of dollars a year.




What seemed an experiment could, however, occur in the 2016 with the first fully-designed processor Xiaomi!

Other corridor voices say that Xiaomi he would already have acquired all the necessary licenses from ARM and he would also hired him Wang Xiang, former president of Qualcomm China. We'll see, what's it for Xiaomi in the next future…

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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