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RAI license, behind the front: it remains within the bill

For a long time now there has been talk of whether the canon RAI whether or not it should remain included in the electricity bill. On 15 April last we saw how there was the possibility for the fee to disappear by the powers of light. However, until then, it was only unofficial and unofficial news. Today, however, confirmation comes from the Ministry of Economy: the RAI license fee remains on the bill.

The RAI fee will remain in the electricity bill. This is the final decision confirmed by the Ministry of Economy

In accordance to communique from ANSA today, the Ministry of the Economy and Finance would have said that the news according to which the RAI license fee would be unbundled from the bill is unfounded. We remind you that the payment method on the bill came into force in 2016 at the hands of the Renzi government and up to now there has been no way not to pay it. On April 13 Maria Laura Paxia of the mixed group presented the proposal for the elimination of the aforementioned fee. Although there was a vote, the MEF said no, the RAI fee will not disappear from the electricity bill.

rai fee no longer on the bill

On the note from the MEF we read:

The Pnrr milestone finds its foundation in the need to protect competition from the electricity market and is based on the Agcm proposals, which had not detected any critical issues regarding the payment of the Rai license fee from the point of view of competition from the electricity market. energy, provided that the payment was transparent for the end users. Requirement that is satisfied

The unbundling of the fee therefore was (or seemed to be) a measure necessary to access the funds of the Pnrr. Now it remains to be seen how Europe will take it, always criticizes in the unification of this tax within the electricity bill.


Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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