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1s Reds Reds 2: The Two Smartphones Compared

As we know Xiaomi the January 4 presented the new one redmi 2. Many people have criticized the Chinese company, guilty of producing a very similar device to their predecessor, without introducing substantial improvements to the CPU. So we propose this article describing the main differences between the two smartphones, all in favor of the XMUMX Redmi.

  • Dimensions and weight



Compared with its predecessor, the Redmi 2 has smaller dimensions, 134 × 67.2 × 9.4 mm, against the 137x69x9.9 mm of the Redmi 1s, and has a weight of 133 g, 21 g less than the competitor. In hand, all this results in a better use experience.

  • Back cover materials


The rear covers differ for the textures used for making them: while the Redmi 1s cover is smooth and shiny, the Redmi 2 is rough and opaque. This new texture not only improves the device's hand grip, but it also helps to prevent fingerprints.

  • Dual SIM 4G


The first generation of Redmi was born with dual SIM support, which was later abandoned with the release of the 4G version. Redmi reintroduces the possibility of simultaneously using two SIMs, with LTE connectivity for both.

  • Bigger battery


The new Redmi battery has a capacity of 2200 mAh, 200 mAh bigger than its predecessor. This, of course, translates into a pinch of extra durability.

  • OGS display


Redmi 2 uses technology for its displays One Glass Solutions, greatly increasing the brightness and transparency of the light. What does this mean? It means that this technology allows for brighter, darker blacks and better contrasts even under direct sunlight.

  • New navigation keys



Introduced with Mi4, the new navigation keys represent aesthetic rather than functional aesthetic, but the eye also wants its part.

  • Improved front camera


To meet the needs of selfie lovers, the 2 megapixel front camera has been enhanced to optimize shots based on the age and sex of the portrait subject.

  • CPU to 64 bit


The CPU is the heart of the device. The SOC Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 of the Redmi 1s has been replaced by Snapdragon 410 developed with architecture a 64-bit. The new processor is able to provide a higher power and speed than 50% compared to those of the Snapdragon 400.

  • MIUI 6


No need to spend words: we know it well MIUI 6 is able to offer a user experience certainly better than the already excellent offer from MIUI v5.

Well guys ... It's not the stuff of poco!

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

Blogger, but above all passionate about technology. I am part of a generation that has passed from the cathode ray tube to smartphones, making me witness to an unprecedented technological evolution. From 2012 I assiduously follow the Xiaomi brand that with the conveyance of various projects led me to realize, the home of all the Italian Xiaomisti. Write me: [email protected]


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