Redmi Note 12: the Explorer Edition refill disappoints. Here because

Le Redmi Note 12 series it is undoubtedly the most powerful mid-range of this last period of 2022. But powerful in what sense? Surely it is not performing in benchmark terms, at least for the model 12 Pro +. As for charging, however, the Explorer Edition model should be among the most powerful around. It will be like this? Yes and no. Let's see why together.

The 210W charging of Redmi Note 12 Explorer Edition is not as powerful as we think. The expert test sheds light on the matter

Redmi Note 12 Explorer Edition is a smartphone with support for the recharge from 210W which, according to the manufacturer, is able to fully refuel the battery in 9 minutes. The experts of Charger Labs are committed to check this claim and the test results weren't that impressive. According to the results of practical tests, the performance of the device is slightly lower than those declared

redmi note 12 explorer edition

The maximum charging power during the first three minutes was 184,85W. As a result, the battery from 4300 mAh it could fill its entire capacity in "only" 10 minutes and 10 seconds. However, even with this small mole, the experts called the result excellent. Except that the power of 210W was never reached during the entire period in which the smartphone has been under charge.

Furthermore, the experts noted that during the charging process, the case temperature of the Redmi Note 12 Explorer Edition did not exceed 43,3 ° C, despite the impressive power of the power supply. This is because the device comes with a efficient cooling system with evaporation chamber and a total heat dissipation surface of 3000 mm2.

In short, a charging power like that is fine but why advertise one thing for another? Maybe we are being untrustworthy and we still need some updating di break-in.

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