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Redmi Notes 2 Pro: leaked specifications and prices!

In this article we had suggested some leaked images that seemed to immortalize a completely-made metal variant of a new phantom Redmi Note 2. Thanks to leaked leaks today, we learn about some technical specifications of this device.

Snapdragon 808 also for the Xiaomi Redmi Notes 2 Pro?


Lo Redmire Xiaomi Note Pro 2 could be the first smartphone in the series Redmi to be completely made of metal and the first one in the whole range Xiaomi to be equipped with a fingerprint scanner.

Redmire Xiaomi Note Pro 2
Redmire Xiaomi Note Pro 2

We still know poco of this smartphone but today, thanks to a Chinese insider, we became aware of part of its technical specifications. According to a post on Chinese social media, the Notes redmi 2 Pro will be equipped with a display from 5.5 inches (probably with resolution Full HD) protected by curved glass 2.5D, will also have compatibility with our European networks and will be equipped with, hearing, the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 808. At the bottom of the mid-range of the market!

Notes redmi 2 Pro

But the news does not end there! Other interesting information has been revealed. It seems that the Notes redmi 2 Pro will be available in three variants that will differ in RAM cuts, internal memory and of course price. Here are the details:

  • Notes redmi 2 Pro with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of memory sold at 1099 Yuan, about 155 €;
  • Notes redmi 2 Pro with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of memory sold at 1299 Yuan, about 185 €;
  • Notes redmi 2 Pro with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of memory sold at 1499 Yuan, about 215 €;

Of really interesting prices but which I think could hardly be true.

Unfortunately for the moment we have all this information in our possession, we have to wait for more details to learn about the remaining technical specifications and launch time. Meanwhile, what do you think of this Notes redmi 2 Pro?


Article Redmi Notes 2 Pro: leaked specifications and prices! seems to be the first of

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