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The wireless charging dock for OnePlus 8 Pro has been revealed

As is known, OnePlus is one of the companies (if not the only one), which lets out only one device per year. Or rather, a single series. We all know by now OnePlus 8 and its Pro version, the super smartphones that will have to come out in a specific week. We know practically everything about them, including prices, but we don't know anything about the accessories that will accompany them. Today we have important news about the OnePlus 8 Pro wireless charging dock.

Here are the real pictures of the wireless charging dock for OnePlus 8 Pro

One of the features that we will find on this new device is wireless charging. That of the brand is called WarpCharge and, as far as we know, it has come to support well 30w. But through what can we use it on the device? Obviously through the dock owner.

Wireless charging dock for OnePlus 8 Pro

As we see from the high resolution image, it looks like a common base with support for the smartphone though not really slim. Below another image that portrays him in front but on the cover you will see more details as he is depicted from behind.

The fact that the wireless charging base is not too slim is probably due to the presence of the cooling fan placed inside. This, if the information in our possession were true, must heat a mechanism that in itself 30 minutes reaches 50% charge, while in 80 it reaches 100%.

The leaker also announced a price: 70 € for the European market. Clearly this figure is not real and we assume that in reality the tool will cost su 100 / 110 €.

Through | TechDroider

Gianluca Cobucci
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