Roborock Dyad Pro vacuum cleaner, new more powerful and intelligent version

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Looking for the best scrubber on the market? Well then the brand new Roborock Dyad Pro is the product for you. The improved version of the popular Roborock Dyad is in fact from today on sale on the store Geekmall at the price of €349,00 (instead of €449,00) for the first 1000 pieces. Click here to go to the offer of this vacuum cleaner / scrubber dryer shipped from the EU (fast and free shipping).

Roborock Dyad Pro, new more powerful and intelligent version

As for the specifications, the Roborock Dyad Pro sees an upgrade of the suction system which now has a power of 17000Pa, 4000Pa more than the basic Dyad with a power of 13000Pa. The Dyad Pro has also slimmed down the side edges to just 1mm, so you can clean all the corners of the house without problems.

But that's not all, because Roborock Dyad Pro comes with a larger 770ml clean water tank (was 850ml) and a 770ml dirty water tank (was 620ml). Furthermore, thanks to a larger battery, it is possible to reach 43 minutes of autonomy (instead of 35 minutes), which allows us to clean up to 300 square meters (instead of 280mXNUMX).

Still with regard to upgrades, the Dyad Pro integrates the RevoBrush function which, in addition to cleaning the rollers automatically, also manages to dry them thanks to the use of hot air. Everything can be programmed directly from the Roborock app.

Other features on board the Roborock Dyad Pro include the LED screen that allows us to view the percentage of battery left, as well as the mode in use. We also find the DirTech sensor which automatically adjusts the cleaning power and the water flow for perfect cleaning according to the circumstances. As if that weren't enough, the Dyad Pro even manages to dispense the cleaning solution automatically based on the stains it detects on the floor.

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