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Roborock Qrevo MaxV launched in Europe: the best robot vacuum cleaner ever?

the brand Roborock, part of the ecosystem Xiaomi, has just launched its new robot vacuum cleaner, the Qrevo MaxV. This cutting-edge device, which was first presented at CES 2024.

Roborock Qrevo MaxV launched in Europe: the best robot vacuum cleaner ever?

Roborock Qrevo MaxV

The Qrevo MaxV from Roborock comes with a maximum suction power of 7.000 Pa, combined with a rubber brush and two cleaning cloths, allows the Qrevo MaxV to offer exceptional cleaning performance. His rotation speed reaches 200 rpm, ensuring deep and thorough cleaning.

design FlexiArm of the Qrevo MaxV allows a coverage of up to 98,8% of the edges of the room, reaching just 1,85 mm from the walls. This feature ensures that even the most difficult to reach corners are cleaned with maximum effectiveness. Furthermore, the brushes and cloths can be raised according to the surface and cleaning settings, adapting perfectly to every type of floor.

The Qrevo MaxV's docking station is not only a charging place, but also offers advanced features such as washing the mop with hot water, drying with hot air and automatic emptying of the tank and bin. Automatic dirt detection ensures effective and effortless washing for the user.

The Qrevo MaxV can be controlled via Voice commands Hello Rocky, making interaction with the device simple and intuitive. Furthermore, it is equipped with a Responsive AI system for obstacle avoidance, which ensures balanced and effective cleaning, dynamically adapting to the surrounding environment.

Roborock Qrevo MaxV

The Roborock Qrevo MaxV is currently available in Germany at the discounted price of €949, compared to the original price of €999. Launch in other EU markets is expected soon. .

With its innovative design, advanced features and commitment to quality, the Roborock Qrevo MaxV positions itself as a leader in the robot vacuum cleaner industry, promising to bring home cleaning to a new level of efficiency and convenience. Obviously the price is not among the lowest, but as we know you pay for quality.


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