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88€ for Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer PRO 4L EU air fryer from Amazon Prime!

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer PRO Three-layer thermal insulation, transparent glass for visual monitoring of the cooking status in real time, OLED display to easily set the cooking temperature and time with a turn and a press, 12 hours of advance programming, enter the your food in the fryer in advance and enjoy healthy meals even when you're busy,Voice control from compatible devices with Google Assistant

Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer PRO 4L EU

88€ 160€
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La Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L is the new most capacious air fryer, simple and intuitive to use, even for beginners!
Compact design with transparent window with 3 heat-insulating layers, to monitor the cooking of your favorite foods in real time, without having to remove the basket every time.

Il OLED display it will then remind you, when it's time to shake the food by pulling out the basket with a simple gesture. The basket's double-layer non-stick coating resists wear and tear, is easy to clean and ensures safe and healthy cooking.

360° heated air circulation° creates a crunchy outer layer while keeping the inside soft, which combined with the heating power of 1600 W, allows a rapid increase in temperature and a homogeneous distribution of heat. Efficient cooking that locks the juice of foods without the need to add oil, for healthy foods with low fat content.

3 operating modes: cooking, fermentation and defrosting thanks to the temperature that can be precisely adjusted between 40°C and 200°C. In addition to cooking, Smart Air Fryer Pro can defrost meat, dry fruit and vegetables and prepare yoghurt.

The motor rotates at one speed of 1800 (±150) rpm when in the low temperature range and at a speed of 2600 (±150) rpm when in the high temperature range. Equipped with an air vent, for unique cooling and longer life of the device.

You'll be cooking like a pro in no time thanks to the 100 recipes available on the Mi Home app, and the 11 preset modes, for smart cooking with a simple click.

24 hours of programming in advance, inserting the food inside the fryer and starting it from your smartphone when you are about to get home.

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