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Do you have a musical idea? Spotify transforms it into a playlist with the magic of AI!

Imagine being able to turn every creative idea you have into one playlist customized. Well, Spotify is making this dream a reality for Premium subscribers with the launch of AI Playlist in beta version. This new feature changes and improves the way we discover and curate music, offering unprecedented personalization.

Spotify Premium launches AI Playlists in Beta to create personalized playlists

Nearly 2 billion music discoveries happen every day, thanks to innovative features like TO DJs and daylist. Now, Premium subscribers have access to an even more powerful tool: AI Playlists in beta. This new feature allows you to easily transform your most creative ideas into tailor-made playlists typing a prompt in the chat. Whether you are looking for a particular indie folk playlist, relaxing music to overcome the allergy season or songs that make you feel like the protagonist of your own story, AI Playlist has the right solution for you.

The beauty of AI Playlist is that it's possible use prompts that reference places, animals, activities, movie characters, colors, and even emojis. Best results are achieved with prompts that include a combination of genres, moods, and artists. Being an absolute novelty and still in the beta phase, Spotify continues to work to improve and innovate this experience.

Spotify: how to create an AI playlist

To get started with AI Playlist, simply log into the Spotify app on your mobile device, select “Your Library” in the lower right corner of the screen, and then tap the “+" top right. From here, select “AI Playlists” and get inspired by the suggested prompts or type your own. You can be as creative and specific as you want; for example, you could create a playlist of “sad music for painting faded flowers” ​​or “songs for riding into the sunset.”

spotify playlist ai how it works in detail with infographic on a purple background

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Once you enter your prompt, Spotify gets to work serving you songs that match the vibe you're looking for. You will be able to manage the selection of songs, previewing them and eliminating those that do not fit, and refine the generated playlist by communicating to AI Playlist your specific preferences, such as "more pop" or "less up-tempo." With a simple tap on “Crea”, your new playlist will be automatically saved to your Library.

With AI Playlist in beta, Spotify is not only enriching the listening experience of its Premium subscribers in Kingdom Unito and Australia (for now), but it also opens new frontiers in musical customization. For the moment we do not know when and if the service will arrive in Italy and Europe.

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