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T-Shirts, Polo, Rucksack. So many new Xiaomi accessories on

Xiaomi, now we know it, is a globally comprehensive company. Its products are becoming real status symbol also thanks to its large communities, both those devoted exclusively to MIUI, and those that embrace the verb by Lei Jun & co.

Its products, its way of being, its strategic positioning make the company appear at the same time as a solid corporation and a user friendly company where user feedback is a key lever. Xiaomi, to make it short, think of everything, just about everything.

T-shirts, polo shirts, mini mascots, in general, all Xiaomi branded accessoriesas a whole, they are part of a well-defined choice whose central objective is to export a message or, better to say, the message. It is no coincidence that the slogan Xiaomi is "Just for fans" (fans only); Xiaomi is, in fact, a user-oriented company!

That said, the Italian retailer has once again succeeded in surprise / succeeding in "snatching" out of China another piece of Mi-culture, making it available in the Bel Country. "How?", You say, well, you can also import the original Xiaomi accessories, including T-shirt, polo, backpack, mouse pad and, above all, MiBunny!

Le shirts and polo shirts are offered in various versions, in different colors and designs, both for Him and for you prices starting from 19,90 euro.


Here it is backpack in canvas with some elegant finishes.


Here, instead, the mouse pad in camouflage version.


Last but not least, the strong part of the collection: i MiBunny.

Xiaomi MiBunny

Think you are real fans? Do you have at least one Mi Bunny? Perhaps it is really time to buy one. Or a shirt, there really are all the tastes and the prices then are definitely competitive. We have already bought ours, now it's up to you!

For info, sales conditions and sizes we will send you directly to and we remind you that for purchases on the store you can use the discount code GIZXIAOMI reserved for readers of



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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