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A tablet POCO is also on the horizon for the Global market: here's what we know

After witnessing the launch of Xiaomi Pad 6S Pro in Italy, the Chinese brand is ready to launch another tablet but this time one of the cheap ones. It's about the first tablet POCO absolutely. In fact, although the Indian market is the privileged one for the Xiaomi sub-brand, a similar device has not yet debuted there either. The news of the device's imminent launch comes fromcertification body EEC. Let's see the details.

The first tablet POCO Global: first certification and first details

The enthusiasm around this launch comes not only from news represented by a tablet POCO, but also by the brand's reputation for offering products that expertly balance quality and affordability. The certification obtained by the device confirms its nature as a tablet, fueling speculation on what the certifications could be features specifications, still shrouded in mystery.

The strategy of Xiaomi, parent company of POCO, in positioning itself as a leading player in the tablet market across series XiaomiPad e Redmi pad, suggests that the new device could inherit some of the innovations and performance already seen. Some speculate that the tablet POCO in question could be a rebrand of the RedmiPad SE also launched in Italy. It is a small and economical device for all budgets.

EEC tablet certification poco

This inference seems even more concrete given that the sub-brand company is now used to only launching iterations of existing devices but at lower prices. In essence, the giant could already have a device ready and just needs to optimize it with customization HyperOS for POCO.

For the moment the only thing we know about the tablet POCO is that its identification number on the CEE platform is 2405CPCFBG. Nothing to say about it launch date e price of the device, given that there is still no official news from Xiaomi or its sub-brand.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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