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Tesla Bot evolves: the new capabilities of Optimus

It was October last year when Elon Musk, during Tesla Day 2022, Optimus introduced for the first time in the world. The tech and vehicle electrification mogul as well former CEO of Twitter, announced in the past few hours that Tesla Bot (this is the real name of the android) has evolved and is now capable of doing more things than before. The company shows it to us in a video lesson very explanatory.

The humanoid robot Tesla Bot has evolved considerably. Known as Optimus, the "almost human" digital being can do much more now

Tesla published a new video with humanoid robots Tesla Boots. It shows the development progress since the release of the androids in October last year. Robots have learned to walk, perform simple actions, build a map of the area and better control their limbs. At the time of the premiere, the trial versions of the robots they could only move slowly, but significant progress can be seen in the new video. Now Tesla Bot walks with greater “confidence” and can control the work of his mechanical limbs with high precision. For example, in one of the tests, the manipulator gently cracks an egg without crushing it, despite the high initial movement speed.

Also, the robot is now capable of recognize surrounding objects and memorize them using computer vision technology. He can also be taught to do any action by example. To do this, you need to put on special equipment with sensors, perform a motor action and share the recorded algorithm with the Tesla Bot. For example, the video shows how the robot transfers items from one box to another.

A date for the start of mass production of the Tesla Bot has not yet been announced. According to some rumors, robots can be put on the market after the start of sales of Cybertruck cars. These, among other things, can also be seen at the end of the video, foreshadowing (perhaps) a combined launch.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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