The Dreame V11 wireless vacuum cleaner (Xiaomi ecosystem) today on offer with FREE shipping from Europe warehouse!

Are you tired of using the usual corded vacuum cleaner and wasting hours cleaning the house? The solution is at hand! Here is the brand new Dreame product, the V11

dreame v11

Dreame has outdone itself by developing one of the most powerful vacuum cleaners available on the market: thanks to its digital motor that reaches 125.000 rpm, 450W of power, generating top performance, and a suction power of 150AW.

The autonomy of Dreame V11 is not far behind: 90 minutes in standard mode, 30 minutes in intermediate mode and 10 minutes in turbo mode are ensured by an incredible 3000mAh battery.

The use of the vacuum cleaner is simple and immediate thanks to the display that offers information in real time, allows you to check the status of the product and informs the user when maintenance work is required.

Dreame V11 lasts twice as long, thanks to 5 sophisticated filter systems, including the HEPA filter and a 12 cyclone system, which reduces the filter load by 63%.

You will then have a series of accessories that will allow you to clean any surface in your home!

Today this fantastic product is on offer on the well-known site GOOD BANG at a truly terrific price (120 € discount) and with fast and FREE shipping from their warehouse located in the czech republic.

If interested be quick because i only 20 pieces available!

Xiaomi Dreame V11 Vacuum Cleaner from EU Warehouse
EU FREE EU Priority Mail 2 / 7gg FREE (NO customs) ✈
250€ 390€

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