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WhatsApp for Android is updated: the transcription of voice messages arrives

WhatsApp expands its functionality on Android by introducing the transcription of voice messages, a feature already appreciated on iOS and present in other messaging apps. This innovation promises to make conversations even more accessible and immediate, taking advantage of artificial intelligence to convert audio to text. The feature was discovered by the team of TheSpAndroid but it hasn't been released yet.

Expected news: the transcription of WhatsApp voice messages on Android

Along with the third party chat on WhatsApp, the Meta giant is also working on the transcription of voice messages for Android smartphones. Thus aligning itself with the features already present on iOS and in other competing apps such as Google Messages e Telegram. However, it should be considered that the first app offers free transcription while the second limits it to two transcriptions per week for non-premium users.

With the latest beta version of WhatsApp,, we can see the first steps towards the implementation of this feature. A deep dive into the application code reveals strings of text that suggest how the functionality will be implemented. To activate transcriptions, you will need to download approximately 150MB of additional data. This detail indicates an approach that prioritizes privacy and security, leveraging the device's voice recognition to provide end-to-end encrypted transcripts, without compromising the encryption process.

The ability to read voice messages before listening to them will change the way we interact with the app, making the faster and more accessible conversations, especially in contexts where listening to an audio message is not possible. The option to turn on transcriptions is expected to be found in the chat settings, following the example of the implementation on iOS.

The possibility of transcription of voice messages on WhatsApp could be a decisive factor for many, offering anpractical alternative to typing or listening to long messages. Nothing is known about the release date of this feature and the release speed rate.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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