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UMI and TCL: Are you ready for a collaboration?

For those who have a more careful eye, they will have already noticed the similarity between the "UMI eMax and some models produced by TCL. In fact, according to the latest news leaked online, the two Chinese companies (UMI and TCL) would appear to be negotiating for a cooperation agreement or even for a full merger.

UMi and TCL

emax-mini4 预告 -1-820x545


Sources from China, say that TCL is looking for a new smartphone maker to help boost overseas sales. Our source claims the company is experiencing poco success with the current sales with Alcatel and decided to contact other brands. THE'UMi eMax, for example, seems to be one OEM of the TCL 3N with a redesigned back cover while the next to the launch UMi eMax Mini un TCL S3 revised

Also, also the OnePlus is thinking of following the steps of these other companies, in this link you will find more details:

OnePlus wants to buy a HTC factory?


"Marriages" in the Asian environment is not uncommon, for example, Lenovo It owns Motorola e Zuk, ZTE Nubia ed Axon and now TCL could add to Alcatel One Touch UMI.


What do you think of this "thought"?

Article UMI and TCL: Are you ready for a collaboration? seems to be the first of

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