Half of the users who switch to the Xiaomi folding are not Xiaomi users

Over the past few years Xiaomi is seeing more and more of identification who use your devices. The first reason, perhaps the most important, is the value for money. With the Redmi su-brand, the Chinese giant has gained a truly impressive slice of the market. But now let's talk about high-end and very high-end, such as that of folding smartphones. Xiaomi MIX Fold was the company's first foldable smartphone - how much is it selling? Quite well in China. We also know who buys it: many new users and few of the old ones.

Over half of the users who use and have switched to the MIX Fold, or the Xiaomi foldable, are from Huawei and Apple

Perhaps curiosity, perhaps the lower price of the foldable smartphone, the over 50% of users who switch to a folding Xiaomi is not an old flame of the brand. To communicate it, a couple of days ago, is Chang Cheng. He is one of the executives of the company he has shared on his Weibo profile an interesting infographic. This shows a pie diagram that makes it known how many and which users switch to a folding smartphone of the Chinese giant. We are amazed to find that there are not many old users, but there are many new ones. Specifically, the ex-Huawei and ex-Apple.

xiaomi tells how many users and which users switch to a xiaomi foldable
The chart does not show the full names, but we understand which companies they are

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Chang Cheng has announced that the users who have switched to a Xiaomi folding are:

  • for the 35.52% users from Huawei
  • for the 20.26% users from Apple
  • for the 22.88% longtime Xiaomi users

The remaining data concern Oppo, live, realme e Samsung. In these cases, it seems that those users are not very inclined to switch teams. As we anticipated, one of the reasons behind this event could be the value for money of the MIX Fold. But if we look at the other side of the coin, we can see that Apple to date has not yet presented no folding smartphone. Huawei on the other hand has done it, but there is something that still does not convince.

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