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ViMusic is the free and feature-rich alternative to Spotify

There are dozens of streaming services for listening to music, so much so that we often forget about the good and dear old FM radio, but apart from that to listen to music in streaming of high quality and with a wealth of music selections, sometimes you have to subscribe a subscription, even if only to eliminate the intrusive advertising that interrupts our relaxation between one song and another.

Today we discover a new application that avoids the limitations of free services such as Spotify, indeed in this regard we could define it as the best free alternative in circulation for Android devices. His name is ViMusic and I will tell you about it in this guide / article, of which I am sure you will thank me for introducing it to you.

Where can I find the Vi Music application?

Let's get straight to the point, because finding ViMusic is not easy, in fact the application in question is not present on any more or less official store and the reason I cannot tell you, as the APK is totally safe and free of viruses / malware, so the only explanation I have given myself is that ViMusic could be inconvenient to the most famous music streaming services.


Do not worry, because I found an APK ready for installation on your Android devices, the same one that I used to carry out my tests, even if I want to clarify that I do not take any risk on the security of the app itself (it I know is a sentence that contrasts with what has been said poco Before). Another thing I want to point out is that the ViMusic archive seems to be fished from YouTube, so we could also run into some very rare gems. Having said that, let's proceed to download the ViMusic APK by clicking on the image below:

First of all, as promised, I want to share the APK file that I found online and that will allow you to install it on your smartphone. Find it here:


Once downloaded, just click on it and start the installation procedure that you will see on the screen (remember to have enabled installation from unknown sources on your device). Everything will be very simple and once finished, you will find the app icon on the home screen of your smartphone.

Here's what you can do with ViMusic

The home of the Vi Music app is very simple, showing on the right the various shortcuts for searching for music by song, playlist, artist or album as well as suggestions based on your listening. You will then find in the upper left part, an icon in the form of levels used for application settings.

From here you can change the theme and graphic settings (Appearance) while from the Player section you will have the customizations of the reproductions including an equalizer to better balance the sound. Then find the Cache section to manage the space occupied by the data that are automatically downloaded during use.

The Database item instead allows you to make a backup of your settings, playlists, likes and the like, useful because since ViMusic does not require registration, if you change the device the current settings would be lost, while doing so you can recover them. Finally, with the Other section you can enable support for Android Auto as well as further hardware optimizations for better listening.

All the functions of the ViMusic player

To proceed with the actual search for songs / artists you will have to click on the icon at the bottom right in the shape of a magnifying glass, but the search also extends to all the songs downloaded. Once you have chosen the song / album / playlist, just click on it and access the Spotify-style player, where the cover of the album to which the song / artist refers will be shown in plain sight.

You will naturally find the controls for play / pause and advance or rewind the music track, but also the possibility of listening in loop and marking the song as a favorite. The icon in the shape of three dots at the bottom right will allow you to access a secondary menu where, for example, you can set the Sleep Timer function, which will turn off the ViMusic app after a set time but you will also have classic functions for the creation and management of custom playlists or go directly to the complete album of the artist in which the song is contained.

Finally, in the lower central part of the music player you will have an icon with three lines and a small side note, which allows you to see all the songs in the selected album / playslist. But it does not end here, in fact if you click on the album image you will be able to see the song text scroll and if this is not available you can import the text or search for it online, complete with synchronization to the music. As you can see ViMusic is a feature-rich app that you can't find in other music streaming services, and it's all FREE.


ViMusic is a very simple but very complete and functional app. Unfortunately there is no version for iOS but for all users of the Android world this is certainly not a problem. The only oddity is that the application is not available in more or less official stores and therefore its functioning over time is not guaranteed, but for the moment everything seems ok and so why not start enjoying the benefits of ViMusic?

I have never seen the shadow of advertising and this is great isn't it? It costs nothing to try, even if you already have other services, on the other hand how many times have you happened to look for a song and not find it? With ViMusic you have one more alternative to your research and who knows if it is not the right time to cancel some subscription and save some money.

Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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