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Where is the Mi MIX 2? Are you ready to play with Xiaomi?

Lo Xiaomi Mi MIX 2, as we already did mentioned a few days ago, will be officially presented as a flagship New Delhi, in India on the day of future. To increase the desire to find out what the marketing managers have invented, the same company thought of us by publishing some fun pictures that allow, however, to further intrigue the fans. In perfect style "Where is Waldo?", We must in fact find out where the Mi MIX 2 is hidden in the picture. Are you ready to play?



Photo number 1.

3 ...

2 ...

1 ...

STOP! Did you find it? Well, that was easy!

We then move to a more difficult level. Let's see if you can find out where the second-generation borderless Xiaomi is hidden in this photo:



As? Have you already found it ?!
But I got a good minute to browse!

Okay, you wanted it:



Eh, this is beautiful! In the face of who says you see the frames!

Are you ready for the penultimate picture of the game? Obviously do not expect to win a Mi MIX 2 if you guessed the 5 positions! Eh eh ... you would like it!


And here's the last level! This admit that is really hard!



If you have played with us, share the answers with us by posting them in the comments! Or why not, if you had one Mi MIX 2 you could also try to make your MIXized photo! Blur and share your shots on Facebook group dedicated to Mi MIX 2! Obviously plated!


Marco Rossano
Marco Rossano

Management engineering student, passionate blogger in the Xiaomi world and, more generally, technology. In leisure time, besides writing guides for Xiaomi devices, I have three passions: football, music and cycling :) Write me:


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