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Wintek will provide the 60% of touch panels for the next Xiaomi smartphones

According to what reported on the China Times, Wintek will provide the 60% of all touch panels used by Xiaomi for smartphones sold during this year.

As many of you will know, this month's 22 will be hosting a launch event where Xiaomi should present the highly anticipated new top of the range, the Xiaomi Mi4. According to this information, Mi4 should mount a panel made by Wintek, specifically an OGS 5 inch panel with Full HD resolution.

It also seems that Wintek has started to ship the panels for the new Mi4 in June, which would suggest a marketing temporally very close to the launch. The other information emerged from China Times they also indicate LG Display and JDI as producers of the next TFT panels that we will see mounted on Xiaomi devices.

Do you think this information corresponds to reality? The Xiaomi Mi4 will have a 5 inch display with Full HD resolution? Or will the device launch two versions, as already made by Oppo for his FIND 7?



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