Xiaomi 12 series: the presentation date leaks thanks to an oversight

We are already very close to the end of the month, but Xiaomi still does not seem to want to announce the presentation date of its next generation flagships.

Xiaomi 12 series: the presentation date leaks thanks to an oversight

Well, maybe today we found out what the day will be thanks to a poster of the Xiaomi 12 just leaked on Weibo (the Chinese Twitter). According to Chinese media, the poster was accidentally shared on the Mi Lite group on WeChat. The poster showed that the launch of the new Mi 12 series is scheduled for December 28 with the slogan “Faster and more stable”. The spokesperson shown on the poster appears to be Su Bingtian, a Chinese sprinter known by the nickname "Asian Flying Man".

We also note that this morning, the product manager of the Xiaomi Civi series, Wei Cici, said that he will be responsible for the products of the Xiaomi flagship series and that the Xiaomi Civi series will be taken over by another woman, Xin Xin Mia.

xiaomi 12 fully revealed: specs, release and price

The first thing Wei Cici did after being transferred was to anticipate the Mi 12 series, which will therefore be its first product in the Xiaomi flagship series.

Poco after the official announcement, the Chinese blogger Digital Chat Station revealed: “The three new devices of the Xiaomi 12 series that will arrive at the end of the month should adopt a design known to us. The design of the devices slightly different from the previous series, also because we have the former product manager of Civi, Wei Cici, which suggests a style similar to that of the Civi series ".

Xiaomi civi

Furthermore, it has been reported that the three upcoming models include the Xiaomi 12X, Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro and are expected to be released at the same time. Among them, the Xiaomi 12X could be a 1080-inch 6,2P flagship with a small screen and the processor will be Snapdragon 870 (or Snapdragon 888+).

As for the Mi 12 and Mi 12 Pro, both will use a 2-inch 120K 6,7Hz curved display along with the Snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor.

In any case, if the poster is true, Xiaomi should start anticipating the Xiaomi 12 series this week.

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