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The Xiaomi 13T Pro Global 12/512Gb on offer at €544 including shipping!

The smartphone market is constantly evolving, and Xiaomi is increasingly positioning itself as a reference brand for those looking for technologically advanced devices at competitive prices. Among the most recent and popular models, the Xiaomi 13T Pro stands out for its innovative features and a remarkably advantageous quality-price ratio.

Design and Display

  • Refined aesthetics: The Xiaomi 13T Pro features an elegant and modern design, available in different attractive colors such as Black, Alpine Blue and Meadow Green, which adapt to different personal tastes and styles.
  • Advanced Display: The device is equipped with a 144Hz CrystalRes AMOLED display, ensuring a very high quality visual experience with vivid colors and sharp details, ideal for both gaming and watching multimedia content.
Xiaomi 13t pro

Performance and Hardware

  • Powerful Processor: Inside it houses a latest generation processor, ensuring smooth and fast performance, both in terms of multitasking and for demanding applications.
  • Memory Capacity: The device is available in different memory configurations, with options ranging from 12GB to 16GB of RAM and from 256GB to 1TB of internal storage, thus satisfying the needs of different users.

Camera and Multimedia

  • Leica camera: One of the most distinctive features of the Xiaomi 13T Pro is its collaboration with Leica for the camera. This partnership guarantees exceptional quality shots, both for photos and videos, thanks also to the advanced integrated software features.
  • High Quality Audio: Audio is another strong point, with stereo speakers offering clear, immersive sound, enriching the overall multimedia experience.

Battery and Charging

  • Long-lasting battery: With a 5000mAh battery, the Xiaomi 13T Pro ensures long life, suitable for even the most demanding users.
  • Quick Charging: The 120W fast charging technology allows you to recharge the device extremely quickly, significantly reducing waiting times.

The Xiaomi 13T Pro confirms itself as an excellent choice for those looking for a cutting-edge device at a competitive price. Its flagship features, such as the CrystalRes AMOLED display, the Leica camera, and the powerful battery with fast charging, make it suitable for a wide range of users, from amateur photographers to gaming enthusiasts. Xiaomi continues to redefine the concept of "quality-price" in the world of smartphones, and the Xiaomi 13T Pro is concrete proof of this.


Xiaomi 13T Pro 12/512Gb Global

544€ 899€
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Xiaomi 13T Pro 16/1Tb Global

686€ 999€
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Xiaomi 13T Pro-144Hz CrystalRes AMOLED, 5000mAh 120W, Leica camera, 16GB+1T, Black

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