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Xiaomi 14: the series will be a milestone for two reasons

The partnership between Xiaomi and Leica marks a new era for mobile photography with the launch of the Xiaomi 14. This collaboration promises to significantly improve image quality, especially in low light conditions, thanks to the lens Leica Summilux (via Evan Blass) high-end with F/1.4 aperture. The uniqueness of this integration lies in the combination of Leica's advanced imaging technology with Xiaomi's software ecosystem, presented through the new HyperOS operating system.

The magic of Leica Summilux will merge with HyperOS on Xiaomi 14

Leica has always revolutionized the industry with its legendary M lenses. The Leica Summilux-M 50 f/1.4 ASPH lens, in particular, is known for offering extremely high and unmistakable image quality, making the most of the potential of new photographic sensors. Now, he has decided to bring the same quality to mobile, developing the Leica Summilux sensor for Xiaomi 14.

However, mind you, this does not mean that the M-50 sensor will be integrated into the smartphone. This name is only an example to better understand the quality we are talking about. For obvious reasons the Leica sensor on Xiaomi 14 will be extremely more small.

xiaomi 14 pro front

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HyperOS: the new frontier of Xiaomi software

HyperOS, an evolution of the previous MIUI interface, is built on an Android base, precisely Android 14, which offers a series of features and optimizations capable of significantly improving the user experience. Xiaomi has chosen to make the Xiaomi 14 series the flagship of this new operating system, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition from the previous interface.

The new smartphone series will be the first to integrate HyperOS, marking an important moment in the development of Xiaomi's software ecosystem. Although HyperOS will initially only be available on Xiaomi smartphones with China ROM, a global launch in 2024, as revealed by the VP of Xiaomi Global, Alvin Tse.

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