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Xiaomi Auto: bureaucratic obstacles on the horizon but it can be resolved with alliances

As we know, the market for electric cars is waiting to receive a new top player, that is Xiaomi. The Chinese giant, until now known for its smartphones and other technological devices, has decided to cross the threshold of the world of four wheels, outlining a path that promises to be full of innovations. We actually saw it poco do as in the case of wireless charging on electric cars. But there is also something else cooking, such as interesting alliances with car manufacturers.

Bureaucratic obstacles and resolutions in the Xiaomi Auto project

Despite enthusiasm and determination, Xiaomi has collided with bureaucratic reality that seems to threaten to slow down its ambitious plans. The wait for crucial approvals from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has become an unknown that could impact the production times of the first cars. This situation pushed the company to explore other avenues which could guarantee a smoother transition towards the realization of its objective.

In response to such obstacles, Xiaomi has opened a dialogue with some Chinese car manufacturers to explore possible partnerships. According to a relationship di Bloomberg, have been started contact Brilliance Auto, Chery and the Group Beijing Automotive, in an attempt to exploit existing productive resources. The confidentiality of the parties involved has kept a veil of mystery over the negotiations, making the future still uncertain but at the same time stimulating.

xiaomi electric car

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The Chinese context tells us about a government that appears intent on limit the issuance of new licenses for the production of electric vehicles, in response to the maturation of the market. This policy could push Xiaomi and other newcomers to seek collaboration agreements with brands already consolidated in the sector. The current dynamic could represent a big challenge for the brand and even put it in difficulty.

When will the brand's first electric car be released?

THE11th November it is the date that, according to some rumors, could mark the official debut of Xiaomi's first car. More details emerged outline a sedan variant with more powerful batteries.

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