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Unexpectedly, this is Xiaomi Auto. The official photos have been released and show us every detail of the three models

Xiaomi Cars has now entered the automotive market with a great impact, officially presenting its official photos, revealed by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. With models SU7, SU7 Pro e SU7 Max, Xiaomi demonstrates its ability to combine advanced technology and exquisite design in the electric car industry. Here are all the details that emerged from the photos.

Here are the official photos of Xiaomi Auto: innovation and style in the SU7, Pro and Max models

Xiaomi's new cars show off an attractive and futuristic design. The sleek, streamlined silhouette, with a swallowtail design, is complemented by rear lights that extend along the entire back of the vehicle. The logo in Latin characters “Xiaomi” embellishes the rear, while the front maintains the traditional logo “MI“, faithful to the brand's identity.

A notable feature of Xiaomi Auto is its customization. Customers can choose from several design options, including mirrors rear-view mirrors, glass, colors of the brakes and even an exclusive version “Founder's Edition” with personalized nameplates. This attention to detail underlines Xiaomi's innovative approach to personalizing the driving experience.

customizable features of xiaomi cars such as mirrors and glass
The customization of the Xiaomi Auto will include rims, mirrors, glass and roof

In terms of technical, Xiaomi Auto positions itself as a serious competitor in the market. The SU7 model has dimensions of 4997mm x 1963mm x 1455mm, with a wheelbase of 3000mm. The SU7 Max model is slightly lower, but maintains the same length and width. Both models offer high performance: the SU7 It is powered by a lithium iron phosphate battery with a 220KW engine and reaches a maximum speed of 210 km/h, while the SU7 Max It features a lithium-ion battery with dual motors, reaching a maximum speed of 265 km/h. Then further details on the features of the electric car.

Initial production is already underway at its factory in the economic and technological district of Beijing, with plans for a mass production ramp-up in December and an official launch scheduled for February 2024.

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