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Xiaomi Civi 4 certified on Google Play Console, has only a front camera

Xiaomi, the well-known Chinese manufacturer, recently launched the Civic 4 Pro in China, but it seems he didn't stop there. The certification platform Google Play Console in fact, he just revealed to us that the Xiaomi Civi 4 Pro could have a younger brother on the way.

Xiaomi Civi 4 certified on Google Play Console, has only a front camera

In fact, not only was the list of supported devices spotted, but an entry was also found in the Google Play Console with the model number “24053PY09C” and the code name “chenfeng”. Interestingly, this is the same model number and codename as the recently launched Xiaomi Civi 4 Pro.

According to the site, we can expect similar specifications as the Civi 4 Pro. The device will be powered by the chipset with the model number QTI SM8635, corresponding to Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 SOC. However, the CPU clock speed is currently under wraps, suggesting possible changes from Xiaomi for this smartphone. The page also reveals a screen size of 1236 × 2750 and a pixel density of 480 (xxhdpi). Also, it shows 11,8 – 11,9 GB of RAM, probably marketed as 12 GB of RAM. Additionally, the device will come with Android 14 already pre-installed.

Comparing the specifications revealed via the Google Play Console of the Civi 4 with those of the Civi 4 Pro, most of the specifications are similar. However, since details about the CPU and GPU are currently under wraps, it's difficult to determine at what speed the cores will operate.

Xiaomi Mi 4

As for the design, the screenshot above shows a layout with a single hole for the camera, while the Civi 4 Pro had a double front camera da 32 SM. This could be a distinctive element between the two smartphones. Additionally, the device features curved edges with the volume and power buttons placed on the right side.

Recall that previously, there were rumors that Xiaomi would launch the Civi 4, but in the end the Civi 4 Pro was presented. This discovery on Google Play Console could mean that there will also be a basic variant on the way. Now we just have to wait for further rumors or official info.

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