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Xiaomi CyberDog turns like Gundam with cannons and laser beams!

Xiaomi surprised everyone a few days ago with the CyberDog presentation, the first canine robot to throw a dig at the producer Boston Dynamics. But if we opened our mouth and eyes wide during the presentation, today we will be in raptures as a genius developer has decided to redesign the brand's robotic dog from top to bottom. How? Transforming it, in honor of dear Japanese cartoons, into a fighting dog complete with guns! Let's see the video together!

The first Xiaomi product that really made us dream, CyberDog, really turns into Gundam style with lots of cannons!

Uno Xiaomi Cyber ​​Dog some would say, but in reality (fortunately) all the extra components that we see and that resemble those of the Japanese robots like Gundam, they are nothing but mere aesthetics. In fact, the designer who put his hand on the project only conceived and developed one body that is applied to the robot dog by Xiaomi. However, the result is truly amazing.

The "new" Xiaomi robot in canine form was made by RAY's Model World and according to the official introduction, it took 30 days to redesign the look in full mecha style. In addition to the extremely tamarro mecha style, the designer also adds a series of machine guns or cannons to his body. According to what was revealed, Xiaomi CyberDog not only has a bionic movement pace, but also has a 'visual and auditory interactive experience, which allows it to follow instructions, recognize the owner and even automatically follow the owner's movement.

At the same time, it is also equipped with a high precision environmental perception system. 11 sensors throughout the body transmit information to the AI ​​brain in real time, allowing it to perceive environmental information such as images, light, distance, speed and sound in such a way as to respond to commands as realistically as possible.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

Passionate about code, languages ​​and languages, man-machine interfaces. All that is technological evolution is of interest to me. I try to divulge my passion with the utmost clarity, relying on reliable sources and not "on the first pass".


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1 year ago

Hello, I am a young man who likes robots living in Korea. I found a very attractive video in your post, so I am writing this email. If you look at the video in the link above, the Gundam cannon was specially made for the Cyberdog made by Xiaomi. Can you tell the material (synthetic fiber) used in this case? For example, acrylic, plastic, or polycarbonate. Very curious! Any reply would be greatly appreciated.