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Xiaomi becomes a virtual mobile network operator!

Today was an exciting day for all fans of Xiaomi. The company presented its new one Xiaomi Mi4c. This device features top of range features at a very affordable price. At the event, however, is not the only thing that Xiaomi he announced. The company also presented their new loudspeaker Bluetooth, and to make things even more interesting, they launched their own service MVNO.


Xiaomi Mi Mobile

Xiaomi Mi Mobile


Many of you will ask: What is this MVNO service? It is a company that provides mobile telephony services without having any license for the relevant radio spectrum or necessarily having all the infrastructure necessary to provide these services using for this purpose a part of the infrastructure of a real mobile operator. In other words, those who offer the MVNO service (in English Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is a virtual mobile network operator. This might sound strange at first, but we are talking about a company that really likes to dabble in just about everything. It's Xiaomi after all… you can expect anything! That said, let's see what exactly Xiaomi has been announcing in terms of MVNO services.

This OEM based in China has announced the MVNO services under the name 'Mi Mobile'. Xiaomi's goal is to offer a "simple and transparent tariff structure" that could also be useful to consumers.

Xiaomi managed to surprise us this time too! How do you think?



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