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Will Xiaomi enter the US?

Some months ago, Vice President of Xiaomi Global Hugo Barra had stated how his company was going to make its debut in the US market. Unfortunately at that time he had not released a definite date but, following the recent statements of another big one Xiaomi, it seems that this event is not very far.

Xiaomi will enter the US, and will do so with the Mi Note!


A few days ago, the vice president and co-founder of Xiaomi Bin Lin, host of the WSJDLive Show, has expressly stated that his company intends to enter the US market sooner and want to do it with its leading devices, namely those of the range Mi Note. However, in this case too, the deadlines for this landing in the new world have not been released. We have to wait for further updates.


But let's analyze this choice of Xiaomi. Certainly it is a step that sooner or later the Chinese company will have to do if it wants to become a real big in the industry even globally, but things are not at all as simple as they might seem. We remind you that the American smartphone market, and not just that, is currently dominated by Apple and Samsung giants, which, with their resources and their deeply rooted presence in the territory, will surely make the future entry of Xiaomi.

Another aspect to not underestimate is the issue of patents. Already in India our favorite producer has been facing a lawsuit against Ericsson because of a breach of patents belonging to the latter. In the United States Xiaomi surely you will find yourself in similar situations if you do not have to resort to repairs for a while

Let's see how the situation will evolve in the future. Certainly, the next step in the United States will certainly be Europe, so we always do the cheer for Xiaomi.


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Simone Rodriguez
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