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Xiaomi says goodbye to the Mi brand: a new era opens

A few days ago, not even doing it on purpose, talking about Mi MIX 4, a user asked us why we still use the name Mi. In fact, in China this series does not carry with it the brand that we know and is only called Xiaomi MIX. One of the many differences that exist between the eastern and western world, in reference to the brand. But from today things go to conform a little bit in that Xiaomi will no longer use the usual Mi branding for his smartphones. A revelation that arrives like a knife in the heart for the most "elderly" fans.

Xiaomi has decided to abandon the Mi brand: future smartphones will not be called Mi 12 or Mi MIX but only Xiaomi 12 and MIX 4

To differentiate its products from each other, Xiaomi splits its smartphones into multiple sub-brands, the most notable of which is Mi. See Mi 11, My 12 which has yet to come out, and the previous models. Now, ten years after launching the first smartphone under the Mi brand, Xiaomi is ready to make a big change: is about to delete the name (and branding in essence) You give me the names of your products. This change started from poco, with the recently released MIX 4 smartphone in China. A step that will also mark the other devices to come.

xiaomi I mix 4 render

The new policy, according to the source, it's not just about smartphones. Xiaomi's other products such as smartwatches, IoT devices, smart home devices, smart TVs, PCs and notebooks will also do the same. If you remember correctly, Jei Jun years ago said that "Mi" stands for two things"Mobile internet"and "Impossible mission". Xiaomi sees itself as a mobile Internet company that aims to complete "impossible" tasks, in short.

But ultimately, what will change for users? For real nothing. The quality (appreciated or not) will remain the same as always and the prices too. We already know that the Chinese giant has no intention of increasing them as long as the chip crisis do not rage even more.


Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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