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Xiaomi sold over 1 million devices in India in Q3

As we have often repeated, India is one of the leading emerging markets for smartphones and technology in general. For this reason, it tempts many. The entry into this market by Xiaomi has as its main objective the growth of the brand and the supremacy in the new market. The same can be said of the entry of Xiaomi into the African market Xiaomi officially reaches the black continent with Redmi 2 and Mi4 |.

Although in India it officially came only last July, the Chinese giant has managed to achieve very important sales results. A very concrete example is the last Q3 2015, when Xiaomi was able to sell over 1 million devices (smartphone and smartband). It does not look like an exciting result but let us not forget that the Q3 2015 can be considered as the first quarter in the Indian market for Xiaomi.

Xiaomi sold over 1 million devices in India in Q3

The numbers will undoubtedly increase and very much in the coming quarters, especially thanks to the launch of a whole host of new products such as the Xiaomi Mi Band 1S | Xiaomi Mi Band 1S scheduled for 11 November | and the much talked about Xiaomi Mi5 | Xiaomi Mi5: New Confirmations on Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and Imprint Sensor |.

Certainly, Xiaomi's corporate management example is a model to be taken seriously, as it has only just been successful at the moment.

via | Xiaomi Fans Italia

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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