Xiaomi Kingsmith K12 presented, up to 12Km / h

At Xiaomi conference held yesterday, the Chinese giant presented a lot of devices ranging from the latest TVs to the new Mijia treadmill. But the size of the company is such that, less than 24 hours away, there is already another product of the same kind on the Xiaomi Youpin website.

The KingSmith K12 or Xiaomi Xiaojin Smart Foldable Treadmill is just a new treadmill produced by a third company, Kingsmith, in collaboration with Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Kingsmith K12 presented, up to 12Km / h

The Xiaomi Xiaojin Smart Foldable Treadmill differs from many other previously presented treadmills, such as the Xiaomi Walking Pad, especially from a design standpoint.

As we can see in the photos, in fact, this new product is foldable, but not totally. The part that actually rotates rather than bends is the part of the handle that can be raised in case of need. In addition to resting your hands, you can also place your smartphone on it so you can watch your favorite videos during training. If you don't want to raise the handle, you can always use the treadmill without it.

As for the technical features, the Kingsmith K12 supports speeds ranging from 0,8 to 12km / h, so you can make a real run, not just a brisk walk. The treadmill has a width of well 480mm and can be used by people who weigh up to 100kg.

The weight of the product is instead of 33kg and there are wheels to make it easier to move around the house, while the thickness is only 139mm.

The motor on board the treadmill is brushless and was produced by a German brand for unrivaled quality, an improved efficiency of 29% compared to similar devices, a maximum noise of 60dB and 5000 guaranteed life hours.

While the mat has integrated a step detection system that manages to capture the position of the feet and independently change the speed (if set in that mode).

To control everything we then have a small remote control with LED display from which it will be possible to change the speed, pause or change modes.

Finally, from the smart point of view, the Kingsmit K12 connects to the KS + application to keep a record of the activities carried out over time.

The Xiaomi Kingsmit K12 is now on sale in China at the 1688 Yuan figure, or around 225 €. Unfortunately the rest of the world will have to wait for one of the many Chinese retailers to decide to put it up for sale.


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