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Xiaomi Mi 10 with no more secrets: poster confirms camera and design

We have run out. By now we know of all and more about it Xiaomi Mi 10, the smartphone we probably expect most of all. L'hyping it's skyrocketing and to be honest mine is a little muffled because I would have preferred fewer details revealed and much more surprise. But in the end, this is also part of a brand's strategy. In any case, a poster of the device is coming directly from China which, in addition to confirm the rear photographic compartment, also confirms the design. The front is the one that interests you most because many, depending on the type of screen, will decide whether to buy it or not.

Xiaomi Mi 10 is without veils: confirmed main sensor and ultra "smooth" design

From what Chinese bloggers claim, it is a official poster. This means that the truthfulness, until the arrival of a contrary proof, is confirmed. For now it all comes back with the data we have, including cameras, BORDI curvi e design in general, therefore we too we are led to believe this shot.

xiaomi mi 10 posters

As is clear from the image, we will find four cameras to form the rear compartment. Three of them will be included in a vertical traffic light module: the quality of the shot does not say how much they will protrude from the body, but it is good enough to capture a very important fact. Above, in the description under the name, we see the writing 1 亿: for those not skilled with the Chinese, this means that the main sensor will be the one from 108 megapixel, the same we saw on Xiaomi Mi Note 10. The fourth sensor, under the traffic light, will probably be the depth sensor. Below still a single LED flash.

I 10 108 megapixels

Another feature we notice is the design of the front and the curvature of the edges. Now, most of us don't like waterfall-style displays for several reasons: one of them is the difficulty with which MIUI gestures. Tests on tests we had using the Mi Note 10 and, in fact, an optimization in this sense makes us miss it. It is unclear whether these curved edges are in style waterfall or the alcohol content is lower, maybe 80 ° as for Oppo find x2, but we sincerely hope that the same problems we have seen with the Note will not recur.

Regardless of these problems, seeing this image the smartphone gives me avery good impression: "smooth" design, in the sense that it is smooth, clean, without exaggeration. Maybe it's not as bad as we think it is. You have to see the price.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Smartphone, 6 GB RAM + 128 GB ROM, 3D Curved Amoled 6.47 "FHD + Screen, Penta Camera 108 MP, 5260 mAh, Midnight Black
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