Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will be a Mi 11 Ultra without dual screen | Photo and video

We are in the pipeline for Italy: on March XNUMXst the new top of the range of Xiaomi will also debut with us. Unfortunately, however, we do not know anything about the Pro variant. In fact, neither in China nor in Europe, Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro it is still seen. The initial hypothesis was that the device could debut immediately after the Chinese New Year, but to date we have no official news. However on Weibo (1, 2), have been coming out for a few hours very interesting images that immortalize this device. So let's see what could change, if the photos turn out to be true.


This should be Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro: the design compared to the standard Mi 11 changes considerably, especially the rear photographic module

Before going to see the pictures of the alleged Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, a brief disclaimer: despite several Chinese leakers and bloggers advancing the hypothesis that the one in the picture is the real device, we don't get our hands on the fire. We are used to seeing all colors and already with Redmi K40 we went through it: a few weeks before the launch, the company's CEO had said that i renders online were only bogus renders. That said, let's see what the device looks like.

In general, the form of the photographic module resumes that of the standard model: one square shaped patch but with rounded corners. Inside the patch there are three cameras, one of which, as expected, is square in shape. It is undoubtedly the periscope type sensor

which will allow unprecedented zoom. It would be there first time that Xiaomi presents a device with this kind of lens: we can't wait to try it!

On the right of the photographic section, outside the module, we find another vertical pill-shaped housing: here there should be the two (or three) flash LEDs. The Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro main sensor, as you can read from the photos, it should always be the same: a 2 megapixel Samsung ISOCELL Bright HM108.

But where is the distorted design? First of all from the position of the LED flash which changes from high to low; secondly the periscope camera; finally, the sensor on the right which is larger than the one in the standard model. But does it remind you of anything? Sure! it's a My 11 Ultra but without secondary screen! As anticipated, we do not guarantee that these photos are real but at a first analysis there seems to be no trace of photomontage. What do you think?


In the past few hours we have received new, more detailed images and a video depicting the smartphone in question. Closer analysis revealed that it is only one Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra but without the rear auxiliary screen. The number of sensors and their position in the body are back.

xiaomi mi 11 pro

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