Xiaomi Mi 6 receives (finally) Android Pie 9.0 while for Mi 8, Mi 9 and Redmi K20 Pro coming up with interesting features

As they say in these cases, better late than never so even Xiaomi Mi 6 owners will finally be able to enjoy the new (not so much) Google branded Google, aka Android 9.0 Pie. We recall that at the launch, Xiaomi Mi 6 had on board Android 7.1 Nougat while only a few months ago in beta version Mi 6 was able to taste the tech "cake" that is finally released in a stable and global version.

Android 9.0 Pie for Xiaomi Mi 6 arrives with the MIUI 10 version and at the moment no reports of errors have arrived while at the level of the features do not seem to have been inserted large distortions if not the dark mode. The new update should arrive via OTA notification, but if you do not yet have reports on this you can always proceed with the download and manual flash, but if you were among those users who are not familiar with manual flash procedures it is advisable to wait 'Official OTA. Otherwise below the references of the case:

my 6

  • Device: Mi 6
  • Code name: Sagit
  • Channel: Global Stable
  • Version number: V10.4.1.0.PCAMIXM
  • Type: recovery
  • MD5: 38edd1584cdb834ca0c041419cdac89a
  • Download: here

Xiaomi Mi 6 receives (finally) Android Pie 9.0 while for Mi 8, Mi 9 and Redmi K20 Pro coming up with interesting features

my 6

The good news concerning the updates does not end here as Xiaomi has recently released a series of improvements relating to MIUI 10, pending the definitive release of MIUI 11, aimed at saving energy. The test as usual started from the Chinese version of the Chinese giant's proprietary interface and refers for the moment only to 3 models, such as Mi 8, Mi 9 and redmi K20 Pro, taking advantage of the dark theme we already know. In particular the new feature of ultra energy saving is introduced, through which the white theme is completely disabled allowing only calls and messages to be used with the addition of using up to 3 favorite applications.

my 6

Definitely a modality that will appeal to lovers of long range without having to renounce to all the multimedia section of their smartphone. In the latest MIUI Developer China update, the application installation interface is also improved, making it easier and more enjoyable. Finally for Mi 9 the new MiMoji software was introduced in the camera application while for Mi 8 the Luna (AI) mode is released.

We hope to release soon also at a global and stable level. Impatient right?

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Tino Cavalieri

After updating the xiaomi mi6 to android 9.0 pie, will the call recorder work?

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To me, with my Mi6, it first gave me the warning of the presence of the update, I downloaded it, but not installed. Then, at the time of installation, it no longer finds the downloaded file and does not detect a possible MIUI update.

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