Xiaomi Mi Mix alpha shows itself in an official teaser (or almost) ...

Apparently Xiaomi seems willing to amaze with the new Mi Mix alpha, top of the range of the Chinese company that will be presented in about a week. On him if they have been said of any sort and the times seem to be long in which this device was thought of as the first foldable of the Chinese company, while apparently Xiaomi has reserved other plans for him. On the net the image that you see below has begun to leak and that according to the sources this would be official.

Honestly we have not had any feedback on this and it seems almost forced to tell you about it, but I would like to take some food for thought in this regard. Judging by the teaser, Xiaomi Mi Mix alpha will undoubtedly have a full screen screen that should reach a level very close to 100% of scree-to-body-ratio, but the one that catches the eye on the display is the extreme curvature that surrounds the profile left. On balance we find ourselves with an extreme edge display that would lose its meaning if Xiaomi has not thought of some features related to it, just like Samsung did for its devices.

I mix alpha

Xiaomi Mi Mix alpha shows itself in an official teaser (or almost) ...

Already long ago, with the Mi Note 2, Xiaomi tried to propose a curved display on the sides but without any features linked to it, so that without half measures I could define the Mi Note 2 as a nerd terminal like Mi 5C. I do not want, owners of this smartphone, but on balance even the software support is missing. Quite right?

Going back to Mi Mix alpha, this smartphone will have the best on the square in terms of hardware components but on balance if it really had the appearance represented in the photo, it will break into the hearts of users or the magic of the concept phone that gave us Mix was the first generation relegated to the distant 2016? Say up your neo box comments below.

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