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Xiaomi Mi Online Radio: unboxing and general overview

Xiaomi continues to make new products in collaboration with various companies. In the past few hours, for example, we discovered that it has put the Xiaomi Mi Online Radio up for sale, which is an apparent simple radio capable of streaming over 300 radio stations worldwide but which hides a WiFi chip inside it with which it can connect to the network. Unfortunately it cannot pick up AM / FM signals, so it cannot be used for listening to the radio with analog signals.

Xiaomi Mi Online Radio

It is a product made entirely of shiny plastic and with a cubic shape (although it is slightly less thick to obtain a perfect cube, given the dimensions of 83mm x 83mm x 50mm). At the front we find a large chest and nothing else.

Xiaomi Mi Online Radio (1)

The only connector is located on the back and is used to charge the battery (this is a micro USB) so this device can not be used as an 3,5 mm or Bluetooth-powered speaker. The function keys have been intelligently replaced with a touch surface on the top.

Xiaomi Mi Online Radio (3)

At present, Xiaomi Mi Online Radio is not available for purchase, but it will be short for the 99 yuan, which at current exchange rates will be around 12 euro. The radio in question is handled through the Mi Smart Home application. One interesting thing is that this product, when it's being sold, will also work with iOS AirPlay technology.

Xiaomi Mi Online Radio (2)


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