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Xiaomi Mi Pads now support the Mi Share file transfer system

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 is coming according to the latest rumors and we really expect a lot from this tablet. Although users in general are not exactly optimistic, given the previous update and support policy for tablets company, the Chinese giant looks promising this year. Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 does not natively support desktop mode which, however, can be activated with a few tricks. But instead one thing we notice with pleasure is the support for the Mi Share file transfer system.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5, as well as previous tablets (perhaps) now support the option of sharing data, or rather transfer, Mi Share

The file transfer system Mi Share unites many devices, even non-Xiaomi ones. We recall in fact that in June of this year Samsung has joined of the team of companies that can send data and files in seamless mode. Well, according to when we saw today in the application, it looks like Xiaomi's Mi Pad tablets have also received this novelty. Indeed, as we see in the photo, these devices have just appeared among those that can count on the function.

xiaomi mi pad receive mi share data transfer support

According to what was communicated by the company, the devices will be able to use this system to transfer files to one another fixed speed of 20MB per second, which means that even a large file can be loaded and passed in a very short time without any line problems. To work, the exchange of files between devices needs a Bluetooth connection. Clearly all devices must run on Android platform: At the moment we are not aware if the service also works between Android and iOS.

Now, if the older generation Mi Pads are in effect compatible we do not know. Certainly the new Mi Pad 5 will beotherwise this feature would not make sense. If you have an older generation tablet, let us know if the Mi Share data exchange mode works between the smartphone and it.

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