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Xiaomi Mi3S and Mi4, confirmed by a MIUI engineer

Weibo is the most popular microblogging platform in the Chinese republic, a real source of resources for hi-tech enthusiasts and portals like ours.

The last (and also the penultimate that confirms the arrival of the Redmi 1S candy edition) in time is about Xiaomi and, specifically, the indirect certification of the existence of the Xiaomi Mi3S that of Xiaomi Mi4.

To confirm the validity of the two devices the development engineer MIUI Sun Peng thought about this and posted the following question on his Weibo account:

Weibo MIUI

Or, "The internal codenames are H for Red Rice and X for the Mi series (Mi One, Mi2, Mi3). The current Redmi is H2, the Redmi Note is H3, the Xiaomi Mi3 is X3. Following that system because the MiPad would be X6?"

Well, but the meaning is very clear. Between X3 of Mi3 and X6 of MiPad, X4 and X5 have not yet been unveiled. Technically there is still no confirmation (for Mi3S yes) but the way Ing. Penga has let himself go to this post so he can hope for it. According to well-informed, X4 would represent the Xiaomi Mi3S while the 'X5 should be the Xiaomi Mi4, the first in the market since early July, the second presumably from September.



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