Xiaomi Mi4 with Windows 10: First hands-on shots!

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A few months ago, the collaboration between two colissi began Xiaomi e Microsoft, collaboration that led to the release of Windows 10 Mobile Edition for our so loved Xiaomi Mi4.

As promised, today, Microsoft released the version of Windows 10 official for all users of Mi4. Staff Smartylife you are striving to develop a simple guide to install this much anticipated OS operating system by fans Xiaomi.


Xiaomi Mi4 with Windows 10? Now it's reality!  


Xiaomi Mi4


But not only! Xiaomi has also confirmed that it will soon be possible to install Windows 10 on Xiaomi Mi Note! Well ... so later Mi Pad 2 e Mi4, also the Mi Note you can run the operating system of Microsoft.


Windows 10


Here are some hands-on images of the Mi4 with the operating system Windows 10. Do you want to?


Xiaomi Mi4 Xiaomi Mi4 Xiaomi Mi4 Xiaomi Mi4 Xiaomi Mi4 Xiaomi Mi4



Article Xiaomi Mi4 with Windows 10: First hands-on shots! seems to be the first of Smartylife.net.

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Simone Rodriguez

Simone Rodriguez

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