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Xiaomi Mi4c from 16GB and 32GB? Not only but also…

Xiaomi Mi4c? We can call it the "brother"Greater than Xiaomi Mi4i. Mi4c will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808. However, we have just received very interesting news. Lo Xiaomi Mi4c not only will it be available for purchase in the model 16GB and 32GB, but a much higher internal storage volume will also be available.


Xiaomi Mi4c


Xiaomi Mi4c

According to voices leaked in the net, it is Xiaomi Mi4c will be available for purchase in the version from 64 GB of internal memory. The amount of RAM present in the device is not certain, but most likely it will be 3 GB.
Now let's talk about this Xiaomi Mi4c. It is expected that it will be characterized by a display from 5 inches and with a resolution of 1920 × 1080. The most interesting thing is that the smartphone might have one infrared port, which will most probably serve as a form of security, but this function has not yet been officially confirmed. You will probably also be equipped with one USB Type-C port, which will increase the download and file transfer rate.


Xiaomi Mi4c


Coming to the price details in the previous articles, we stated that the model from 16GB is about to be released for the price of $235, at the current exchange rate 210€. We also found the release price for the model from 32GB. While for the version from 64 GB it is possible that some rumors at the last minute they will be able to give us the price.



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