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Xiaomi Mi5 Will Have Clear Touch? Who knows ...

Some rumors say that Samsung will implement the Force Touch in Galaxy S7, while Xiaomi is looking for a partner who provides similar technology to implement it on their smartphones.


Xiaomi Mi5 will be built with a new technology!


Xiaomi Mi5


Well, today's leaked a new rumor that claims the next flagship Xiaomi, Mi5, may also be equipped with Force Touch. Actually the Mi5 it could already be launched in the past few weeks, but Xiaomi he has chosen to wait a little longer, he is probably still waiting for a real processor availability Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. In any case, apparently, Xiaomi will collaborate with Synaptics to bring "ClearForce"Of the latter on Xiaomi Mi5. ClearForce It offers a wide range of functions, including variable speed scrolling, zooming and panning, previewing and selecting, locking and unlocking the device, etc. In addition, the ClearForce is able to distinguish, as the force touch the intensity of the pressure on the screen.


Xiaomi Mi5


The rumors that appeared these days claim that the Mi5 will be powered by SoC Snapdragon 820, which means that the phone will not arrive before the start of 2016. This actually gives to Xiaomi a lot of time to implement on your devices the ClearForce. Will not miss the 4GB di RAM, metal frame, door USB Type-C and a large display 5,2 inches with resolution QHD. All we can do at this point is to wait and see what happens.



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