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Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun Pro is the new massage gun for professional sportsmen

As some of you may recall, in 2021 Xiaomi has launched the Mijia Band Gun , Mijia Band Gun Mini priced at 449 yuan (59 euros) and 349 yuan (46 euros) respectively. Well, today we find out that Xiaomi has added the brand new Mijia Band Gun Pro. The massage gun is now up for pre-order in China priced at 999 yuan, about 130 euros at the current exchange rate.

Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun Pro is the new massage gun for professional sportsmen

The Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun Pro has as its strengths a thrust of 35 kg and a maximum of 12 gears of force adjustment.

Going into detail, according to official data, the Xiaomi Mijia Fascia Gun Pro uses a powerful 126W high-power magnetic motor, which is capable of producing an impact force of 35kg and going at 3200 rpm, so as to be able to obtain a deep massage that can reach up to 14 mm in depth. The massage gun then adopts an easy-to-use rotary shift button and comes with one LED digital screen.

You can select different modes of use, such as the sport mode that goes to a fixed frequency with 12 speeds or the massage mode with variable frequency with 6 speeds.

In other respects, Xiaomi's Mijia Band Gun Pro has a built-in 3800mAh lithium battery, which can bring a autonomy of 30 days if using with fixed frequency mode 1 for 10 minutes of massage every day. It also uses a USB Type-C type interface and supports 27W fast charging.

In addition, the product also adopts a hidden cooling air duct design, has intelligent reminder light, provides 5 types of massage heads and is supported by a very quiet brushless motor, with a noise level of only 34dB(A).

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