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Xiaomi Mijia Smart Range Hood S1 announced in China

Xiaomi, the well-known technology giant, recently unveiled a new appliance for modern kitchens: the Mijia Smart Range Hood S1. This device is not only a masterpiece of design, but also a concentration of technology, designed to improve the culinary experience in every home.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Range Hood S1 announced in China

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Range Hood S1

The Mijia Smart Flat Range Hood S1 stands out for its elegant and minimalist design, which integrates perfectly into kitchen cabinets, saving precious space and maintaining a tidy appearance. With a depth and height of 353mm × 293mm, this model is reduced by 40% compared to the previous generation, thus offering a discreet solution that does not obstruct the view when preparing meals.

The suction power of 25 cubic meters per minute and the pressure of 1000Pa ensure that smoke and odors are effectively removed, even during the most intense cooking sessions. The powerful motor and larger blades are the perfect combination to deal with the oil smoke typical of frying, ensuring a clean and residue-free environment.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Range Hood S1

One of the most innovative features of the Mijia Range Hood S1 is its intelligent connectivity. Through the Mijia app, users can enjoy features such as hood-stove connection, automatic smoke expulsion and an intelligent dry cleaning mode. Additionally, gesture control support allows for touchless operation, promoting hygiene and convenience.

Security is a priority for Xiaomi, and the Mijia Range Hood S1 is no exception. The hood is able to connect to Xiaomi's natural gas sensor and smoke sensor, constantly monitoring the presence of harmful gases and ensuring a safe kitchen environment.

As for maintenance, the Mijia Range Hood S1 also simplifies this routine with a self-cleaning mode. The high-speed rotation of the fan knocks away oil stains, while the large 2L oil container reduces the frequency of maintenance.

Finally, Xiaomi offers two installation options for the Mijia Range Hood S1: flush mounting for a seamless look or standalone setup for greater flexibility. This allows you to adapt the device perfectly to any cooking style.

The Xiaomi Mijia Smart Flat Range Hood S1 will be sold in China at price of 1,699 yuan, around 220 euros at the current exchange rate.

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