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Recharge your smartphone by pedaling? Now you can: here is the Xiaomi Mijia Spinning Bike

This afternoon the company Xiaomi launched the new Mijia Spinning Bike, the first Mijia electric exercise bike that will be crowdfunded in China starting Wednesday at the initial special price of 1799 yuan (240 euros), while the list price once the fundraising campaign is over will be 1999 yuan, around 260 euros at the exchange.

Recharge your smartphone by pedaling? Now you can: here is the Xiaomi Mijia Spinning Bike

According to official data, this spinning bike supports a 50W high power self-generation , 20W wireless fast charging. The calories burned can then be used to charge a mobile phone, a feature that seemed obvious enough but we've strangely never seen. The exercise bike is also equipped with a USB Type-C fast charging interface, so you can easily recharge your smartphone via cable.

This spinning bike occupies an area of ​​about 0,45m2, and can be placed next to the sofa, on the balcony, or in the bedroom; The net weight of the body is about 39,5kg. While thanks to the design with two front wheels, even a less robust person can easily move it by themselves. The wheels are also made of soft plastic, so they won't damage the floors.

The self-generating version of the Mijia Spinning Bike also has 32 sports modes to choose from, supports intelligent interconnection with the ecosystem of Mijia.

The smart exercise bike then has a integrated knob that serves to set the pedaling difficulty, it supports one-button start and stop, and there are also color rings that show how many calories have been burned.

Finally, as often happens with Xiaomi's fitness products, the brand also includes gods professional spinning courses that can be viewed on your tablet or smartphone that can be placed on the dedicated support above the handlebar.

What can I say, we just have to wait and hope that it will also be marketed in Italy!

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