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Xiaomi One Finger Link Companion adds UWB technology to our TVs

As we learned yesterday, the new Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 it features the new UWB wireless communication technology, also known as “One Finger Link”. The technology achieves precise spatial positioning at the centimeter level, making the connection between smartphones and AIoT smart devices more secure and accurate.

Xiaomi One Finger Link Companion adds UWB technology to our TVs

Therefore, Xiaomi has also released an accessory called "One Finger Connected Companion", which can also be connected to the first Xiaomi TVs, allowing TVs to have the UWB control function. This "companion" is small in size, plug-and-play and will go on sale in China for 0 yuan (free) on the Xiaomi community app on August 20.

Recall that the Mi MIX 4 equipped with the UWB One Finger Link wireless communication technology supports the 500 MHz ultra-wide band in the 65 GHz and 8 GHz frequency bands and transmits ultra-small pulses at the nanoscale through the UWB antenna on the fuselage to achieve an ultra-precise spatial positioning capability.

Xiaomi One Finger Link Companion

In particular, a bidirectional TOF transmission method is used to measure distance using the signal flight time between two devices. The error is usually at the centimeter level.

While as far as security is concerned, the UWB signal contains information such as extremely high-precision encryption and timestamps, which are difficult to intercept from the outside and capable of resisting forwarding attacks.

Finally, the greater the bandwidth, the greater the distance resolution capability of the signal in a multipath environment. It has ultra-wide radio frequency bandwidth greater than 500MHz, which can eliminate most of the influence of multipath interference signals and effectively decrease interference.

With the support of UWB technology, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 has made the connection between the mobile phone and the smart device more precise and secure, allowing us to literally control it with only one finger directly from the smartphone.


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