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Xiaomi launches its first Open-back headphones in China: innovative and comfortable design

In last night's launch conference for the new Redmi products, in addition to the new one Redmi Turbo 3, Xiaomi presented its first headphones Open-back, price of 649 yuan (84 euros).

Xiaomi launches its first Open-back headphones in China: innovative and comfortable design

Xiaomi Open-back headphones

The headphones adopt an open, non-in-ear design and use skin-friendly liquid silicone material, ensuring comfort even during prolonged use.

From an aesthetic point of view, Xiaomi's open-back headphones feature a smooth and compact shape, with the main body stacked and compressed, eliminating the feeling of support in the ear. The headband part is thin, making them more suitable for people who wear glasses.

At the hardware level, the headphones feature a custom design of theunit from 17 × 12 mm. Compared with ordinary units of the same area, the effective radiation volume is larger in amplitude and more linear.

Xiaomi Open-back headphones

The low frequency enhancement algorithm and the dynamic sound control (DRC) adjust the audio quality, offering powerful and detailed bass, as well as a natural and balanced listening experience on three bands, with sufficient volume.

Xiaomi's open-back headphones also support the high quality codec lHDC, having a frequency of up to 96kHz, and have obtained the Hi-Res Gold Label and QQ Music Premium quality certifications.

Thanks to the combination of soft and rigid materials, the overall sound quality of Xiaomi's open-back headphones ranks first among headphones of this type.

Xiaomi Open-back headphones

The headphones also include a new independent “anti-leak” system and an anti-leak unit from 10 mm. The anti-loss performance is twice that of competing products, ensuring no sound leakage even in close situations and preserving personal privacy.

In environments such as elevators or offices, the headphones can intelligently recognize the size of surrounding sounds and automatically adjust the volume to prevent further sound leakage.

Finally, another advantage of Xiaomi's open-back headphones is the possibility of perceiving environmental sounds while wearing them, without completely isolating yourself from the surrounding environment during work or exercise

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